Our commitment to a high standard of service is not reflected in our pricing structure and
we are able to offer economical solutions to your requirements borne out of our one man operation and low overhead costs.  A simple or detailed specification based on the RICS "Specification for Surveys of
Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and Larger" is agreed with the client and forms the basis of our quotation.  We are also happy to quote to the clients own specification if preferred.
Using cutting edge robotic total station and/or GNSS surveying equipment, our one man operation, integrated surveying software, a four wheel drive vehicle for on-site mobility and a laptop computer for rapid processing of data means we deliver timely, accurate and economical solutions to issues relating to:
Mine & Quarry
  • Stock Surveys                                    
  • Full Site Surveys
  • Hazardous Area Non-Contact Surveys    
  • Geotechnical Hazard Surveys
  • Open Pit Design                                        
  • Haul Road Design
  • Restoration Design                                                                    
  • Volume Calculations
  • Visualisation (3D views and virtual tours)  
  • Cut & Fill Models
Other Specialist Services
  • Topographical Surveys                              
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Earthwork Calculations & Design                 
  • Site Setting Out 
  • Measured Building Surveys                         
  • Area & Volume Calculations
  • Flood Plain Surveys
Please get in touch with us for more details.

The LSS software we use is the ideal solution for processing and preparing surveys and designs. It is a powerful DTM system providing the ideal 'Field-to-Finish' solution for surveyors and engineers alike.
Plan plotting and bi-directional transfer of DXF and MOSS data are amongst those most widely used. The software also provides fully rendered 3D views and realtime virtual tours with textured and heighted features, such as trees, hedges, fences etc. and image draping, such as raster maps and aerial orthophotos- valuable when interpreting a site or design.
                       In addition, this product offers many powerful volume calculation, section reporting and plotting facilities.
For more details visit www.dtmsoftware.com